Production of a summary note in the microfinance sector

Publication : vendredi 24 février 2017 22:15


          The Directorate General of the Treasury, Financial and Monetary Co-operation organized a seminar in Bafoussam on the 23 – 24 February 2017 on the theme: Production methodology of a summary note in the microfinance sector 

The seminar, which was attended by all Regional Chiefs and Bureau Heads of Insurance and Monetary Affairs, Unit Head for Personnel Development and Continuous Training, Mme Nyengue Agrippine, as well as staff of the Microfinance Department at the Directorate General of the Treasury, Financial and Monetary Co-operation, was opened by the Director of General Affairs, Mr Mboh Patrice Lumumba, on behalf of the Director General of the Treasury, Financial and Monetary Co-operation.   

In his opening statement, Mr Mboh Patrice Lumumba underscored the strategic importance of the microfinance sector in Cameroon’s economy, judging from the volume of financial flows therein. He added that the seminar was an occasion to seek solution to the problems plaguing the sector. In this regard, he urged the participants to consider the seminar as a workshop, a forum for the exchange of ideas and broaden the scope of knowledge as concerns producing summary notes and other issues relating to the microfinance sector.  

The workshop focused on 04 (four) main themes as follows: 

  • Regulatory framework of the microfinance activity; 
  • Main indicators of the microfinance activity; 
  • Investigation techniques; 
  • Preparing and writing a summary note in the microfinance sector. 

The Regional Chief of Insurance and Monetary Affairs for the West Region, Mr Pountougnigni Yeyap, facilitated the theme on the regulatory framework while Mr Yangam Emmanuel, Head of Division for Monetary Analysis and External Trade, facilitated the rest of the themes. It is also worth mentioning that the Director of the Microfinance Division, Mr Ahmadou Bouba, moderated the workshop, which was a veritable platform for frank and fruitful discussions.  

At the end of the seminar, participants expressed the wish for the following: 

  • Deployment of more staff to supervise the services of the ever-growing sector; 
  • Ease mobility by endowing all the Regional Services of Insurance and Monetary Affairs with service vehicles; 
  • Speedy processing of accreditation files for Microfinance Establishments and managers; 
  • Creation of a database of accredited Microfinance Establishments; 
  • Production of a performance report of Microfinance Establishments. 

                               Rachel Ngah



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