Fresh blood in the Ministry of Finance

Published: Tuesday, 06 March 2018 23:52

Louis Paul Motaze: Minister of Finance


Louis Paul Motaze graduated with an overall best performance from the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM) in 1983 as an Administrative Officer under the Economics and Finance section. He further trained in France and obtained a DEA (Diplôme d'études approfondies) in public law and a DESS (Diplôme d'études supérieures spécialisées) in international transport.

He began his career in the Economic Affairs Division of the Presidency of the Republic of Cameroon in 1983. Thereafter, he sojourned at CAMSHIP (Cameroon Shipping Lines) from 1984 to 1989. He joined CAMAIR (Cameroon Airlines) in 1989 and remained there until 1999.

          As a result of this experience, Louis Paul Motaze was appointed General Manager of the National Social Insurance Fund (CNPS) in 1999, a company in structural crisis with pension arrears. He reorganized the company, cleared the arrears, improved cash flow and humanized the reception of pensioners and users.

          This remarkable performance at the CNPS further caught the attention of the Head of State who appointed him Minister of the Economy, Planning and Regional Development (MINEPAT) in 2007, within a context marked by the seven-year term of the Greater Achievement programme. He prepares the Growth and Employment Strategy Paper (GESP) and sought innovative financing to implement the structural projects outlined in the GESP.           

In 2011, his service led him to the position of Secretary General of the Prime Minister's Office: he coordinated the government's actions alongside the Prime Minister and, in his capacity as Chairman of the Steering Committee, coordinated several projects of the Greater Achievement programme for the State of Cameroon, in particular the Kribi deep seaport, Lom Pangar and Menve'ele hydroelectric dams, the Mbalam iron ore and Ngaoundal Bauxite projects.

In 2015, he returned to MINEPAT to continue executing the major infrastructure projects, which are the bed rock for the growth needed to achieve Cameroon's emergence by 2035. He improved the execution of the public investment budget (PIB), which stood almost at 100%.            

 On March 2, 2018, Louis Paul Motaze was appointed Minister of Finance in a context marked by the economic crisis characterized by the fall in the prices of oil, cocoa and coffee; the decline of budget balances within the CEMAC zone and the implementation of the Economic and Financial Programme (EFP) with the IMF, supported by the Extended Credit Facility (ECF) (2017 -2019); elections in the Republic of Cameroon and SME financing.       

Born on 31 January 1959 in Bengbis in Dja and Lobo (South Region) Louis Paul Motaze is married and father of three children.