Garoua Regional Treasury: treasure of the North Region

Published: Tuesday, 26 January 2016 13:00

Located in the Headquarters of the North Region, the Garoua Regional Treasury is a veritable treasure. It has distinguished itself as the best financial jurisdiction in the past five years, through the production of summary statements and quality of accounting entries. This accounts for the fact that the personnel of this Treasury have regularly won the golden award for accounting excellence and an envelope of CFA F 5 million.

This far, the performance is that of the entire financial jurisdiction which is made up of 4 Divisional Treasuries, 19 Sub Treasuries, 19 Municipal Treasuries and several other specialized Treasury stations such as the Customs Revenue sectors, Tax revenue centres, Property revenue centres and more than 150 revenue collection offices.  

The Garoua Regional Treasury is placed under the authority of a Treasurer, Paymaster-General (TPG) who ensures supervision and co-ordination in accordance with Decree No. 2013/066/ of 23 February 2013 to organize the Ministry of Finance.

The TPG sees to the centralization and control of operations of subordinate Treasury stations and revenue collection offices of the North Financial Jurisdiction. In addition, he supervises the accounting activities of Regional and Local Authorities (RLA) as well as that of Administrative Public Establishments (APE) endowed with an Accounting Unit.

Since the 06 January 2011, Mr Emmanuel EHOWE MOUSSIMA, senior Inspector of Treasury has been at the helm of the Garoua Regional Treasury. He graduated from the National School of Administration and Magistracy (ENAM) in 1999 and did a course in ENA in 2004. He is an illustrious son of Nkongsamba in the Moungo Division of the Littoral region. Mr Emmanuel EHOWE MOUSSIMA has a rich career profile as he has served in several capacities notably: Service Head for Cash and Accounts in the Yaounde Regional Treasury, Inspector at the Salaries Department and Treasurer, Paymaster-General of the West Financial Jurisdiction. He also taught a course on “State expenditure” from March 2002 to July 2009 in ENAM.