Jean Pierre Mbock, TPG of Douala

Published: Tuesday, 26 January 2016 12:35

The TPG of Douala has a wealth of experience with remarkable shades of service throughout his career. He was the TPG of Ngaoundere (2005- 2006), TPG of Garoua (2006-2010), Accountant of the University of Douala (2004-2005), Auditor in the Ministry of Finance, Deputy TPG in Ebolowa as well as Divisional Treasurer in Yokadouma. The Officer of the National Order of Valour and Knight of the National Order of Valour, Mr Jean Pierre Mbock, accepted to answer our questions.

1) What is your action plan for the 2015 financial year?

My action plan is pegged to the missions assigned to me by higher authorities, notably the securing of revenue which covers more than half of the State’s budget; supervision and capacity building of personnel and management report to the Directorate General of the Treasury, Financial and Monetary Co-operation (DGTCFM) and the Audit Bench.

 2) What does your working day look like?

I begin my day by processing pending files, granting audiences to State employees of the other public entities and forwarding data to higher authorities by fax and telephone. Thereafter, I verify customs revenue and reconcile data with the Chief of Sector. At the end of the day (07:00pm), I reconcile figures with the Office of the Accountant-General (ACCT).

3) What are the advantages and difficulties on the field?

Field work is dynamic: you learn every day as you meet users and authorities. In addition, there are financial benefits attached to the function.

At the level of difficulties, the Douala Regional Treasury is found in a crammed building and some of its services are scattered around town. It has only one service vehicle which shuttles between the various services of the Regional Treasury. Moreover, Sub-treasurers who have to move each month to collect their forms have not been allocated any means of movement. Their services are not in their own buildings: they are either lodged at Gendarmerie Brigades or Council buildings. The problem of personnel cannot be overemphasized. Many Heads of Treasury stations are without colleagues in their stations and are obliged to carry out all operations single-handedly: this makes their work painful and equally takes a toll on their output.  

4) What is your relationship with users like?

It is cordial, bound by mutual respect and courteous.

5) What message would you address to higher authorities?

First of all, I would like to express sincere gratitude to higher authorities for the confidence bestowed on me. May I also avail myself of this opportunity to solicit the protection of accountants who, by virtue of their functions, are exposed to danger and the securing of Treasury stations in order to reinforce the security of revenue. 

We also request an improved working environment, service vehicles for the Douala Regional Treasury, increase of emoluments to the Treasury corps, which runs a lot of risks by keeping billions, re-integration of votes for the functioning of the power generator and management account. It shall also be worthwhile to install internet connections in the services and even brainstorm on a particular status for the corps.


Rachel NGAH